Manufacturing a Green Laser
Wavelength Conversion Module

Spectra-Physics is a world class volume supplier of industrial lasers. A part of Newport Corporation, an MKS Instruments company, Spectra-Physics delivers a wide range of precision laser technologies, including ultrafast lasers, pulsed lasers, CW and quasi-CW lasers and tunable lasers.

Spectra-Physics sought our expertise to manufacture a green laser wavelength conversion module.

The Product

Green laser

The Challenges

In dealing with this intricate project, we had to overcome considerable hurdles, including:

  1. A tight 45 day deadline.
  2. Having to combine various highly complex manufacturing and coating processes, and over 50 extremely elaborate metal components made of various materials, including stainless steel metals and aluminum aviation materials, such as AL6082-T651.
  3. Many of the materials required high precision levels of up to 10 microns.

The Work Process

Step 1: To satisfy the client’s exacting specifications and ensure the order was fulfilled as agreed, we utilized our highly advanced 5x CNC machines which had to be set up within a very short time, and performed measurement and evaluation of all components within a very short time, working in 24 hour shifts.

Step 2: In order to eliminate all aesthetic signs of milling, we deployed a mild sandblasting process. Using fine grit we were able to remove all scratches while providing the cases with the texture most amenable to anodizing.

Step 3:

Once all parts were sandblasted and then cleaned, they were ready for anodizing. To ensure maximum effect and optimal scratch and corrosion resistance, we anodized each case separately. This involved the following processes:

  1. Clear sulfuric anodizing per mil STD-8625 type II class 1 seal A, thickness 15±5 μm.
  2. A 10-15 min ultrasonic detergent bath at 54-65°.
  3. Rinse cycle spraying and a 15 minute ultrasonic bath at 38-54° in DI water filtered through a 0.5 micron filter.
  4. A rinse cycle in isopropyl alcohol filtered through a 0.5 micron filter.
  5. A 15 minute dry cycle in a clean oven at 60°
  6. A 24 hour vacuum bake at 120° degrees and 5-10 Torr.

The Result

Working with the Spectra-Physics team, we were able to mass produce the product they requested on time, to spec and to the requisite standard of quality. The final product was approved by Spectra-Physics on first showing. The product is already in use, facilitating progress in a wide range of applications across diverse fields of industry.

Thats a good idea!

Spectra-Physics's engineering, purchasing and shipping departments, our team established a smooth transmission to mass production, and supplied the product on schedule, including all the required lab tests. The end result was approved by Spectra-Physics in the first round, enabling the company to meet its deadline. The product is already in use, enabling fleet managers and gas stations worldwide to better