MiniMetal specializes in all types of high precision CNC manufacturing for the Communications Industry. Operating according to the ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000 codes and meticulous QA processes, we can meet our clients’ exact expectations on tight deadlines; from prototypes to large-scale production.

Utilizing a comprehensive range of high-end CNC machining centers in our climate and dust controlled factory and logistics center, MiniMetal’s team provides clients with the following services:

RF and Microwave Components

We offer a variety of narrowband and broadband components, including combiners and dividers, adaptors, amplifiers, isolators, couplers, antennas, attenuators, detectors and filters. Employing substrate bonding, selective solder bonding, and sweat solder bonding we are able to meet high tolerances and deliver homogeneous, void free and highly repeatable components.

Electrical Connector Housings

As part of our comprehensive line of precision CNC milling and CNC turning solution we offer a wide variety of electrical connector housings to meet your any requirement.

Fiber Optic Connector Housings

Our team specializes in the production of precision machined fiber optic connector housings, providing you with the utmost accuracy in details and any required finishing or plating.

Filter Connector Housings

We are able to carry out any filter connector housing design, according to your specific requirements, including all types of finishing, plating or assembly.

Machined Plastic Insulator Components

Utilizing burr-free CNC machining machining and milling, we provide our customers with detailed plastic machined components. We offer a wide variety of relevant services and produces including plastic connector insulators, manifolds and machined components.