Engineering Services and Support

Utilizing a comprehensive range of CNC machining centers in our climate controlled Longgang factory and logistic center, our team of Israeli CNC experts and local engineers provide a single source solution for high precision metal component manufacturing.

From design for manufacturing (DFM) to real time analysis and support, our work protocol covers every stage of the manufacturing process; ensuring flawless results and a perfect match with customer specifications.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)​

Prior to manufacturing we ensure all production drawings are perfectly adapted to mass production in order to facilitate the manufacturing process, thereby reducing costs and avoiding potential problems.


By providing our clients with quick and cost effective prototyping, we enable them to examine new ideas, products or designs before advancing to mass production or satisfying an urgent requirement for a sample.

Reverse Engineering​

Reverse engineering enables the recreation of lost drawings required for manufacturing or product enhancement. The process involves dismantling the product and examining its structure and functionality.

Mechanical Assembly

We specialize in high precision mechanical assembly. Performed in our factory under meticulous quality assurance, we can guarantee consistently homogeneous products finished to the highest standards.

Inspection and Analysis​

From the preliminary inspection to final inspection and at every stage in between, we perform continuous inspection and analysis in order to mitigate damage and ensure compatibility to requirements.

Testing and Reports​

Every product shipment is attached with all required certifications and reports, including mill test report (MTR), coordinated measuring machine (CMM) report, certificate of traders (COT) report and certificate of measurement.


We provide our clients with exceptional professional support throughout the project and following completion to ensure their satisfaction and enable them to meet the changing needs of their organization.

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