Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical assembly of complex products is a highly sensitive operation, requiring superior skill and expertise as the smallest mistake may require reassembly of the final product, thereby resulting in increased process costs and schedule delays.

MiniMetal specializes in high precision mechanical assembly of complex products. Implemented in our ultra-modern factory under meticulous quality assurance, we perform complete supply chain management, final product testing, packaging and shipping, guaranteeing consistently homogeneous products finished to the highest standards. 

Our professional team, led by Israeli CNC experts, utilizes its vertically integrated capabilities, including injection molding, stamping, finishing, joining and assembly, in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive mechanical assembly solution for a wide variety of applications – medical devices, electrical connectors, automotive subassemblies, automotive steering components, industrial products, networking equipment and enterprise servers, and much more.

Managing a timely and cost effective process delivers our customers significant advantages, including:

  • Seamless final assembly due to pre-alignment of complex components
  • Reduced production time due to precision alignment of varied surfaces
  • Shortened internal production time due to ease of handling
  • Decreased yield loss due to diminished damage to precision surfaces
  • Cheaper customer facility costs due to relaxation of cleanroom requirements