Trade Shows

Rapid Prototyping Electronics Asia 2018

13-16 Oct, 2018

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Messe München ELECTRONICA 2018

13-16 Nov, 2018

Electronica is the international trade show for electronic components, systems and applications and shows as the  world’s leading trade fair the full range in all its diversity in width and depth. It reflects the high degree of innovation throughout the industry. Exhibitors and users in the areas of systems, applications and technologies of electronics can receive the information of the latest innovations and developments in the fields of system peripherals, power engineering to printed circuit boards or EMS. The exhibition offer ranges from display on sensor solutions, power supplies, electronic design (ED / EDA) to software in electronics. The Electronica takes place every two years in Munich and is open to trade visitors only.

Hi Tech TLV show 2018


All leading Companies, Representatives, Manufacturers, Distributors, Vendors, Suppliers, Products and all the leading service providers – All meet at the Major Exhibition – New-Tech Exhibition.

The New–Tech  Exhibition is the largest and major exhibition of the Hi–Tech & Electronics in Israel. More than 150 companies, who lead these fields in Israel and around the world, will take part and exhibit in this trade show, which will be attended by thousands of visitors.

The subjects that will be presented in the exhibition include: A large variety of all the electronic components;  Production processes, Sub–Contracting and Service providers of development, design, engineering, procurement, production and test services; Clean Room equipment and instrumentation; Electro–Optic Items, Lasers, Fiber–Optics, Lenses, Cameras and more; Test equipment, Test processes and software, Laboratory equipment, Tools; Printed Circuit Boards, Different Industrial Materials, Enclosures, Plastics, Electro–Mechanical Equipment, Packages, Cables and Fasteners; Computerisation – General Computerization, Industrial Computerization, a Variety of software programs, Peripheral Devices, Operating Systems, Computer Embedded Systems; Drive Control, Motors, Robotics, Sensors, Assemblies and Systems; Power Systems, Power Components, Un–Interruptible Systems; RF, Micro–Wave Systems, Communication and Antennas.