Material Selection

Material selection plays a critical role in determining the overall quality and functionality of your parts, as well as the production process’ duration and cost.

Led by Israeli CNC experts, our team of seasoned production and QC engineers define the key characteristics required from the materials, according to your part or product objective and functionality. They then supervise the production process, to ensure the end result meets all the defined specifications.

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers and milling machines, set in our ultra-modern Longgang factory and logistics center, we offer a wide variety of metal and plastic based materials, as well as custom materials.


Upon selecting the type of metal for a project, there are three main factors to be taken into consideration, when trying to asses pricing and duration:

  1. The type of metal – a critical driver in determining a part’s overall cost, as the price gap between the different metals could reach hundreds of percent.
  2. Part size and geometry – determining the amount of metal required to produce the part, its size and geometry are key factors in determining the cost.
  3. Hardness level – soft metals machine easier than hard ones, reducing machining time and cost.


Plastic materials could present a cheaper alternative to metal, unless the design demands higher rigidity levels. When deliberating the use of a plastic material, it’s important to consider that it might prove harder to adhere to tight tolerances, which could result in warping of the parts.

“The type of metal – a critical driver in determining a part’s overall cost, as the price gap between the different metals could reach hundreds of percent.
Part size and geometry – determining the amount of metal required to produce the part, its size and geometry are key factors in determining the cost.”

We Offer the Following Materials:

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Boaz Shavit, CEO and Founder

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