Finishing and Processing

The quality of a product is reflected in its finish. Our team of CNC experts and
production engineers utilize the most advanced finishing equipment to ensure
your product not only performs to specification but also looks perfect while
doing so.

Anodizing not only augments appearance, it also enhances adhesion for primers, glues and heat dissipation, diminishes electrical conductivity and surface reflection, and improves metal products with increased corrosion and wear resistance. We expertly treat titanium, magnesium and aluminum with proven anodizing techniques.

No paint or surface finish – commercial or custom; is beyond the capabilities of our skilled finishers. Be it high gloss, matte, or metallic flake, the color of your product is limited only by your imagination. Our climate and dust controlled Longgang factory, with state-of-the-art paint rooms is the perfect surrounding for providing consistently outstanding results, while respecting the integrity of the environment.

Metal finishing

Color Matching
To facilitate the timely and cost-effective color scheme, we provide clients with an extensive range of color matching services and Pantone® plastics opaque selector chips, to enable an informed color selection decision at the earliest stages of the production process.

Color quality inspection
Pad Printing We provide finishing solutions for virtually every type of surface via the following processes:
  • Custom color pad printing application
  • Customized aluminum stencil manufacture
  • Silk screening

Sanding and Polishing
Our comprehensive range of surface texture options – ranging from mirror polish to semi-gloss and matte; is achieved utilizing wet and dry sanding and polishing. These techniques enable us to treat any metal and numerous plastics with the optimal texture to suit their purpose.

Blasting is a highly versatile texturing technique achieved by impacting the surface of a product under pressure. It enables the creation of a diverse range of textures to optimize your product’s function and technical characteristics.