Rapid Prototyping

MiniMetal provides customers with the entire range of rapid prototyping services.

Specializing in the production of high quality custom prototypes, we deliver most products within 5 business days, and urgent jobs can be fast-tracked for same-day processing.

Short production time, superb quality and cost effectiveness enable us to create a product prototype for almost any purpose – from visual and functionality evaluation and new idea testing, to business presentations for customers or investors. Rapid prototyping also enables elimination of technical errors, improves the production process and tests various versions of your product in the pre-manufacturing stage.

In order to meet your specific requirements we also provide a variety of low volume (300-500 components) manufacturing options, supervising the entire process from prototyping to production.

A Single Prototype Solution
Our comprehensive range of CNC machining centers offer all main prototyping processes:

CNC Machining

CNC machining enables us to reach aesthetics and quality almost equal to actual production standards, including tighter tolerances, improved surface finishes and full functionality.

3D Metal Printing

3D metal printing enables the production of complex products made of steel, aluminum and titanium. Produced by 3D printing machines, this smart solution enables quick and simple addition and modification of product features, which cuts down on weight but maintains original durability.


These 3D-related solutions are used mainly for the manufacturing of one-off plastic prototypes. They possess all the advantages of 3D printing, which makes them highly flexible and customizable.

Vacuum Casting

An advanced technique that enables us to attain the level of hardness and color that best suits your product and its intended purpose, by using silicone rubber molds and various materials. Vacuum casting can yield up to 30 prototypes from a single master pattern.

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